Get Ready to Indulge in America’s Best Artisan Sandwiches.

North. South. East. West. Home is where the heart is. Stateside Sandwiches invites you to take a mouthwatering journey from coast-to-coast to indulge in the secrets of the locals.

Find your favorite! Tour and taste state by state…

Stateside Sandwiches serves up over 46 fan-favorite Sandwiches, Burgers, Heroes and Hotdogs… (and counting). Sign up for your US Tasting Passport (to save on each bite!)

When it comes to America’s favorite handhelds… Stateside Sandwiches is in a class by itself.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – the secret lies within our sauce, topped with Maytag bleu cheese and buttermilk marinated boneless chicken.
NY Pastrami on Rye – the Godfather of sandwiches. Smoked in-house, hand shaved. Quite possibly the best pastrami on earth.
Louisiana Shrimp Po Boy – made with the freshest Key West pink shrimp! Take a taste on the vegan side be sure to also try our Cauliflower Po Boy!
BBQ Jackfruit – what? Try this delectable vegetarian fan favorite made with pulled roasted jackfruit and our house-made BBQ sauce with coleslaw on a Brioche bun.
Arizona Hatch Burger – the full grill treatment…

Stateside Sandwiches Menu
Stateside Sandwiches Menu

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